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About Us

Our Mission

ConnecTech’s mission is quite simple. We work to save everyone time by connecting local groups of IT professionals. Helping them to grow their networks and learn about the latest trends in Information Technology.

Your Time Is Valuable.

Our team is constantly on the search for the latest-and-greatest offerings in IT. We package up a group of IT solutions and share that info with you within a few hours helping save a significant amount of time in return.

How We're Different.

We work to give everyone what they want, from an event, without all the unwanted side effects that follow most events.

We Do the Work for You.

ConnecTech isn’t your typical trade show format. We bring a small group of local executives together and provide them with highly-relevant information on the areas of concern within IT. There’s no booths, no vendor bingo, or any unwanted follow-ups.

Local, High-end Venues.

Our setting is high-end, personal, and allows you to network with your peers.

You're In Control.

You provide feedback, after the short breakout sessions, to control who follows up post-event.

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Hours Saved

Vadim Parizher


“Attending ConnecTech events has been a real time-saver for me. The nature of my work requires me to regularly meet with multiple vendor companies. Each ConnectTech event, I was able to save over 100 hours of time vs. looking up vendors and setting up meetings with them. During the event I found vendors that had solutions applicable to both my near- term and longer-term objectives. An added bonus was connecting with many peers. It’s a 3 hour event which is very beneficial to me as an IT executive.”

Mark Kaplan


“ConnecTech offers a very unique experience when talking with new vendors. I always come away with a few quality vendors that I already know will help my business. At a ConnecTech event, I can quickly hear from vendors about what they do and if there is a fit without the marketing fluff I don’t need."

Todd Thorson


"Ryan and Heidi do a wonderful job connecting technology decision makers with appropriately qualified vendors providing a meaningful experience for all involved. It is hands down one of the best networking events I have attended. Not only did I meet some vendors I will engage with, I met several peers that are now in my personal network. I look forward to the next event I can attend!"

A Few of OurPast Events

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blog post | Meghna


ConnecTech Event hosted at the Grand Hotel

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blog post


ConnecTech Event hosted at Four Seasons Las Colinas

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blog post
blog post | Meghna


ConnecTech Event hosted at The Houstonian

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