About ConnecTech

ConnecTech isn’t your typical trade show format. We bring a small group of local executives together and provide them with highly-relevant information on the areas of concern within IT. There’s no booths, no vendor bingo, or any unwanted follow-ups. Our setting is high-end, personal, and allows you to network with your peers. You provide feedback, after the short breakout sessions, to control who follows up post-event.

We work to give everyone what they want, from an event, without all the unwanted side effects that follow most events.

Our Mission

ConnecTech’s mission is quite simple. We work to save everyone time by connecting local groups of IT professionals. Helping them to grow their networks and learn about the latest trends in Information Technology.

How We're Different

Our team is constantly on the search for the latest-and-greatest offerings in IT. We package up a group of IT solutions and share that info with you within a few hours helping save a significant amount of time in return. By attending trade shows, meetings with IT providers of all kinds, and keeping up on industry trends ConnecTech is able to connect you with what matters. Our free service to executives is our gift to the IT community.

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